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When will I get my signs?
An Estimated Delivery Date is calculated in our online shopping cart. Once you have everything in your cart, enter your zip code and the shipping calculator will give you an estimated delivery date.

  1. For expedited orders, add a rush from below the shipping options in your cart.
  2. Are you ahead of schedule? Select the Super Saver option to save on shipping!
  3. Please keep in mind, orders placed after 3PM (CST) will count as an order for the next day.

How much is shipping?
To receive an exact quote for shipping;

  1. Select your template, complete your custom design and move on to the pricing options.
  2. Select your pricing options: material, size, number of sides and quantity.
  3. "Add to Cart" will put your product in the "Shopping Cart".
  4. Repeat as needed to enter all desired products into "Shopping Cart".
  5. Choose shipping method, enter Zip, and click "UPDATE SHIPPING".

Your shipping cost will be immediately calculated for you!

Shipping costs are determined by the number of boxes, total weight, destination zip code and shipping method. This order info is communicated directly to the the courier database, where the exact total is returned. Due to volume, we receive a reasonable discount from the courier which we pass along directly to you.

How do I mount my signs?
Corrugated plastic signs can be mounted in a variety of ways, but most people mount them on wood stakes, telephone poles or metal stakes (H-wires or Step Stakes). The plastic sign has lines or "flutes" that run either horizontally or vertically.

You must request that your signs have vertical flutes if you want to mount them on H-wires. This is the default setting on our ordering page. Horizontal flutes are better for wood stakes because the sign is less likely to fold in the wind. You can attach the signs to wood stakes with a staple gun, but we recommend using roofing nails that include a plastic washer to keep the sign from tearing.

I plan on ordering 1,000 signs over the next few months, but I only need 100 signs right now. Can I get the 1,000 price?
No; our pricing is based on the number of identical signs printed in the same production run. Once a set of signs is completed, we break down the screen and print the next customer's signs. The screens cannot be re-used.

Why is the price per sign so much cheaper for 100 than for 1?
We use two processes when making our signs - applying a digital print of text and graphics on vinyl for smaller orders (1 to 25 signs) or screen printing for larger orders (more than 25 signs). The vinyl application method is much more labor intensive and therefore more expensive.

Why do you charge more multiple color and double sided signs than you do for single-sided, single-color signs?
We operate a high volume, low-cost sign shop, and it costs us more to print multiple colors, multiple sides and directional signs. We keep your prices low by keeping our costs low and only charging you for exactly what you need.

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